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Northdown solutions are a software consultancy specialising in the development of .NET applications for the financial sector. We have gained extensive experience architecting and developing Enterprise Solutions using the Microsoft .NET Framework in some of the world largest and most prestigious financial institutions for the best part of the last decade.

Application Development

We have a wealth of knowledge developing applications on the Microsoft .NET platform. We have experience in writing applications in WCF, ASP.NET (Web forms and MVC), Windows as well as service and batched based applications. Whatever your requirements are we can deliver.

Our experience also includes writing applications that utilize messaging and using enterprise database technologies (we are experienced in both Oracle and MS SQL Server).

Application Architecture

We have excellent knowledge of application integration using best practice Enterprise Integration Patterns. We are able to help you with the architecture of integrating front and back office systems, utilizing both overnight batch processing and intraday message based integration.

We have written several message based applications based on the pipes and filters EAI architecture.

Best Practices

We are firm believers in best practices and have helped clients adopt practices that help them to succeed. We have experience introducing unit and integration testing, IoC containers, continuous integration/overnight builds and source control best practices.

Additionally we are able to recommend the utilization of tools that we believe to be helpful in improving software development (tools such as FXCop and StyleCop).

Human Factors

If your software has usability problems, we can help. We are able to review applications for usability issues as well as creating usability standards for developers to follow. Our Managing Director has published research in the HCI field, which was presented at the HCI 2006 conference.

About Northdown Solutions

Northdown Solutions Limited are a software consultancy specialising in the development of enterprise .NET applications for financial institutions.

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